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November 24, 2003

API from Breeze

It seems like macromedia will publish the API from Breeze, so we'll be able to do breeze apps ourselves. More info here ( peldi.com )

November 20, 2003

Attribute Changer

Attribute Changer is a useful freeware tool that allows you to change propertys on your files and folders, what can be very useful. You can download here

Macromedia Central SDK available

Macromedia has announced from MAX 2003 Salt Lake City the immediate availability of the Developer Release of Macromedia Central, a new environment that gives people the ability to interact with distributed information via XML and web services beyond the browser, blending the interactivity of rich client applications with the power of the network.
Press Release
Macromedia Central

November 19, 2003

The power of Flash Communication Server

video streaming with subtitles, and you are able to search in the stream. That sounds fantastic. Even you can do a presentation with video and movieclips.

Great quality, no wait to see video,...let´s see two examples:
macromedia flex
and one another here

November 18, 2003

welcome to the community

the community vision of Macromedia community

CSS drop shadows

One simple tutorial to learn the power of CSS. A bit example that something made with few lines of code but whit a powerful result. Ho to do shadows with CSS. The answer is here at www.1976design.com

MSN newsbot

"MSN Newsbot (beta) is an experimental, automated news service. We gather news from over 4,000 sources on the internet and speed your discovery of news stories. News headlines are clustered together to allow you to compare coverage from multiple sources and each story links to the publisher's site where you can read the full article. "

you can find info here or acces the english verison ( UK ) here

November 17, 2003

Macromedia Flex

Macromedia has released Macromedia Flex ( currently in Beta ).
It comes with his own devnet and of course, with a blog.

Macromedia says:
Flex consists of a presentation server installed on top of a J2EE application server or servlet container, a rich library of user interface components, an XML-based markup language used to declaratively lay out these components, and an object-oriented programming language to handle the user interactions with the application. The end result is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) rendered using Flash Player and developed using industry standards and a development paradigm familiar to developers.


i´m Javi, and i'll be blogging about Flash, Flashcom, CSS, PHP,....in this new blog.

See you soon

November 09, 2003

Do you need an old browser?

You can find it at The browser archive. Chimera, Netscape, Mosaic,....... you can find it there!

Google Deskbar

The gals and guys at Google don't stop working. They have released what they have called "Google Deskbar".

I't s an application that allows us to search Google from our desktop, without even opening a browser. You can find it here

November 02, 2003

FlashCommand Flash 2004 Command Line Compiler

Mike Chambers has released this tool.

It can be easily integrated with the code editor of your choice, like EditPlus or SciTE|Flash

It needs the .Net Framework, and you can find all the information here

The new Flash IDE

This week I started working on my first full project developed in Flash MX 2004.

I'm a bit dissapointed with the new IDE. I expected a lot (of course, I had no reason to), but....

There's no class browser, no user classes codehints, no task list,.....

I know Macromedia has worked a lot on this, but I want a tool like IntelliJ IDEA