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October 19, 2004

[software] Maxivista

MaxiVista can turn any Laptop or Tablet PC into an extended monitor of your primary PC. Program windows can be moved and extended across both screens as they would be one big monitor. Just connect up to four PCs via network and enjoy the extended desktop real estate.

I’ve being using this program for the last week, and I’ve been impressed.


The installation process was easy and smooth. I just double-clicked the maxivista installer, and an icon appeared in my primary desktop. By the way, there’s a comprehensive installation tutorial here

First run

After been asked for the serial number, a prompt appears, asking me if I want to generate the client program. After doing it, I copied the generated file to my laptop, ran it, and "voilà", both my desktop and laptop desktops showed the same!

Maxivista, by default, expects the primary monitor to be on the left, and the secondary one to be on the right side, so, as my configuration is the opposite, I had to change it. I found the instructions in the online help. The process was also quite easy ( but remember to switch off maxivista before changing your configuration ).

Also the default mode is "mirror", which means that both monitors show the same information. But changing that is two clicks away. Just right-click the maxivista icon and its done.


I’ve only found a little issue when running Firefox 0.8 in my "secondary monitor". All the Firefox menus are showed in the desktop monitor, which is a bit weird. All the other programs I’ve tested ( Macromedia Flash, windows explorer, total commander, … ) worked fine.

There are no performance issues, everything runs smoothly. On the primary computer ( Pentium IV 1 Ghz ) the CPU usage is about 5% ( when dragging a window ), and the CPU usage on the secondary computer is hardly noticeable.

You can see some promotional videos here and here

So, if you have more than one computer, this can be a very cheap solution to work with more than one monitor ( it costs $49.95 ).

You can find more information at Maxivista homepage