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September 29, 2005

[J2ME] Netbeans Mobility Pack 5.0 beta

Yesterday was a busy day at NetBeans. Not only they have released NetBeans 5.0 beta, but also Mobility Pack 5.0 beta

At first glance, there are some new features that will make our life a bit easier: JSR 172 ( webservices ) support, improved UI designer, and improved support for emulators.

More information and downloads here: Java ME MIDP Development for NetBeans IDE 5.0

[J2ME] Some articles of interest

Sony-Ericsson's Developer World has published the third article in a series about 3D programming. This is new article is about programming particle systems

Here are the links to the three articles:

Sun Developer Network has published the second article in a series about ecryption in MIDP

September 27, 2005

An interesting post about floats

Ridiculous_fish has published a very interesting post about floating point numbers. Although it is oriented to explain how things work in the Cocoa world, it brings a lot of useful information about floats.

I think it is really worth to check it out.


September 26, 2005

[Cocoa] Apple launches the ADC Bookshelf

Which is just an Apple-branded Safari Bookshelf, but that promises to be focused on Mac related titles.

I am still not sure if I like the idea of buying things that in fact I am just renting instead of buying, but...

ADC bookshelf

September 24, 2005

[Cocoa] Smart crash reports

Smart crash reports is an enhancement to Apple's CrashReporter.

It allows any Cocoa developer to register its application so if it crashes, the crash log is sent to the developer and to Apple.

It is free for the users and developers, so if you are a Mac user, install it and help developers fix their bugs and make their apps better!

September 20, 2005

Flash 8 examples source code

We have updated our previous posts about flash 8, adding the source code:

[Flash 8] Blur filter

[Flash 8] Glow filter

[Flash 8] The sun and its shadow

PS: If you feel that the same functionallity can be achieved with flash 4, build an example, and post a comment with a link to the source code. Thanks

September 15, 2005

[Cocoa] Open source framework to protect shareware apps

AquaticPrime is an opensource framework that allows developers to implement secure registration methods in shareware applications, using RSA encryption.

There are three implementations ( Cocoa, Carbon and PHP ).

Via : The Unofficial Apple Weblog

September 07, 2005

Nokia Mobility Conference 2005

Nokia Mobility Conference 2005 will take place November 2-3 in Barcelona.

Some of the topics to be covered are convergence, mobile music, OTA device management, and there's a season on November 3rd called "develop faster with flash".

See you in Barcelona!.

Nokia Mobility Conference 2005

September 02, 2005

[J2ME] An article about the Media API ( JSR 135 )

Motocoder, Motorola's developer center, has released an article about the JSR 135, better known as the Mobile Media API.

The article includes a working example of an application that allows to capture images by camera.

Download the article ( pdf )

September 01, 2005

This is coupling

Do you want to see an example of what coupling is?. Take a look at this post at The Daily WTF.

This is something we all have done at least once, and if we haven't done it, it is something we will do in the future. There are many situations when these solutions are the faster and easier, but what happens with the developer that will have to maintain ( and maybe improve ) that code?

That is what design pattern and best practices are for.