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December 27, 2003

Tree component

Today, I've started to work in a new project where I need to use the new UI components

So, to test myself, I've made the little links thing that you can see on the right.

And I must say that everything has been fast and easy!:"fontSize", 12);
myTree.setStyle("color", 0x999966);
myTree.setStyle("themeColor", "haloBlue");

// load and asign content
myTreeDataProvider = new XML(); 
myTreeDataProvider.ignoreWhite = true;
myTreeDataProvider.onLoad = function(){ 
     myTree.dataProvider = myTreeDataProvider;


myTreeListener = new Object();
myTreeListener.tree = myTree;

myTreeListener.change = function(eventObject){
     var theSelectedNode =;
     var theSelectedNodeLabel = theSelectedNode.attributes.label;
 	var esLink = theSelectedNode.attributes.isLink;
 	var esBranch = this.tree.getIsBranch(theSelectedNode)
 	if (esBranch){
  		if (this.tree.getIsOpen(theSelectedNode)){
   			this.tree.setIsOpen(theSelectedNode, false, true);
   			this.tree.setIsOpen(theSelectedNode, true, true);
  		if (esLink){
   			var theSelectedNodeURL = theSelectedNode.attributes.url;
   //trace("url " + theSelectedNodeURL);
   			getURL(theSelectedNodeURL, "_blank");

myTree.addEventListener("change", myTreeListener);


The spanish version works also with the same swf.

Obviously the xml is generated as utf-8, so flash can display spanish and english characters.

Posted by Cesar Tardaguila Date: December 27, 2003 04:10 PM

In early December I created a link tree with the Flash MX 2004 Tree component, and posted some example code -

In my example, I do the XML parsing by hand (since the menu is actually 5 different XML files). Also, take note of the "iconFunction" to allow for an image to be displayed for the category. I also went the old-school way of the "changeHandler" instead of defining a chance event listener.

To see the menu, you'll have to visit the front page of my weblog at

Posted by: darron en: January 12, 2004 03:03 AM

Hi, Darron, and welcome!

I remember reading about your link tree when you released it. It is great!

Posted by: Cesar Tardaguila en: January 12, 2004 09:20 AM