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April 03, 2005

[OT] The new member of the design-nation family


Yes, it is a Newton ( a MessagePad 120 ) . And as you can see in the picture, it still works.

It's amazing to see how advanced was this device. It can work in portrait mode, it can be synchronized with a Mac or a PC, it supports PCMCIA cards...

And it's also amazing to see how devoted is the Newton's users community. There are a lot of active forums, e-mail lists, and websites devoted to this device.



Here are the hardware specs:

• Ram: 2mb
• Rom: 8mb(upgrade)
• Processor: ARM 610 20MHz
• Newton OS: 1.3, 2.0
• Screen: 320x240, no backlight
• Release: 11/95
• Extra Notes: NOS 2.0 would only run if the unit had a rom upgrade.

It's time to play with it a bit. Enjoy the sunday!

Posted by Cesar Tardaguila Date: April 3, 2005 04:40 PM | TrackBack