January 05, 2004

security problem with flashcom

Yesterday, it was an interesting thread in chayttyfig flashcom list about people who stole flashcom app. You can see the first msg here ( from Peldi ).
After that, Fernando publish on funciton a couple of tips. Intersting to read. Finally , Peldi has publish something too, take a look here

Great surprise, flashcomguru

Well, today on Chattyfig flashcom mailing list, i have a surprise. A message anounce the born of flashcomguru. I'll see you in his flashcom forums ( remember, i sign as desmond_dekker )

December 21, 2003

fc components updater

Last days i have read this on a couple of blogs. Here you have a message on flashcom list where you can read what and what does not have this updater.

December 14, 2003

bugs in FCS

Interesting article about bugs in flash communication server. Check it out.

December 13, 2003

Get the stats of your apps in flashcom

Here are two similar but a bit differents ways of get stats of your apps. both of them use a persisten Shared objet but, one get the global stats with application.getStats() and override the So, and the other one get the stats of each client session with clien.getStats() and add the values to the persisten SharedObject. You can use both in the same app

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December 12, 2003

AudioVideoStreamer with Flashcom. First Approach

yesterday i was playing with flashcom, and i decided to do an simple audiovideostreamer. Here are the codes. As you see is a really simple example, but it can show how easy is to work and have results with flash communication server

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December 10, 2003

A little game in Flashcom

It's true, that the most amazing feature of Flashcom is his poweful video and audio streaming, but , i think that the real power of flashcom is in sharedobjects. Here you are a really simple app to show the power of SO and syncro between conected users.

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November 24, 2003

API from Breeze

It seems like macromedia will publish the API from Breeze, so we'll be able to do breeze apps ourselves. More info here ( )

November 19, 2003

The power of Flash Communication Server

video streaming with subtitles, and you are able to search in the stream. That sounds fantastic. Even you can do a presentation with video and movieclips.

Great quality, no wait to see video,...let´s see two examples:
macromedia flex
and one another here