December 12, 2005

Business & marketing for the Mac Developer

The Apple Developer Connection website has added a new section that provides, among other useful tips, a collection of Business & Marketing Frequently Asked Questions, information about specific markets (like education, science & technology...).

I think it's worth a read if you are a Mac developer.

Business & Marketing for the Mac Developer

September 26, 2005

[Cocoa] Apple launches the ADC Bookshelf

Which is just an Apple-branded Safari Bookshelf, but that promises to be focused on Mac related titles.

I am still not sure if I like the idea of buying things that in fact I am just renting instead of buying, but...

ADC bookshelf

September 24, 2005

[Cocoa] Smart crash reports

Smart crash reports is an enhancement to Apple's CrashReporter.

It allows any Cocoa developer to register its application so if it crashes, the crash log is sent to the developer and to Apple.

It is free for the users and developers, so if you are a Mac user, install it and help developers fix their bugs and make their apps better!

August 05, 2005

[Cocoa] Localization suite 2.0

Support for localization in Cocoa is really good. But keeping track of the changes in an application when you are rolling frequent releases can be a nightmare.

Localization suite is a powerfull application that helps developers create and maintain localizations of our products.

And best of all, its free.

June 28, 2005

Developing a Mac OSX app: Dice

There are two things we like here at design-nation: dices, and Mac OSX applications. So, we have developed a little application ( you guessed it, a dice ) just to show how is the development process under Mac OSX. This tutorial will cover all the development process, using XCode 2.1 and writing Objective-C code.

As every possible tutorial about XCode in the world, this one is obscured by the tutorial that you can find at the Apple Developer Connection. Go read it!

But first, take a look at the final result:


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