March 28, 2005

Code smells and refactorings

I found this link via Agile Spain, and I'm blogging it for my future reference.

This is a list of bad smells ( within a class or between classes ), that can help identify some code chunks that need to be refactored, and gives some hints about how to refactor them.

[XP] Collective code ownership, testing, and coding standards

Extreme Programming (which is both a philosophy and a development methodology) relies upon twelve “development practices”.

From my point of view, one of the fundamental development practices is the “Collective Code Ownership”.

But what does that mean?. Well, as the name says, the project’s code is not owned by any particular developer, so any member of the team can (and in fact must) improve any part of the code at any time.

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February 18, 2005

Why Use Extreme Programming?

Here's an interesting article at sys-com, written by Troy Holmes.

The author explains the key concepts of this methodology and provides some tips to implement them. A very interesting reading.

You can find the article here: