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May 24, 2005

How to use design patterns

Bill Venners has published a conversation with Erich Gamma, where they talk "about the right way to think about and use design patterns".

They talk about a lot of interesting points regarding the use of design patterns, like how should be our attitude about them, if design patterns are a "buzzword", and the flexibility they provide to our designs.

I think it can be a very interesting read.

Here's the link: How to use design patterns

May 23, 2005

Interesting article: Wireless application development for a changing world

When looking for inspiration to solve another problem, I found an interesting article at IBM's developerWorks. It's a bit old ( July 2003 ), but contains some interesting points.

The title is "Wireless application development for a changing world", but it can be applied to the development of any application.

The idea behind this article is that we must develop our applications in a way that they can be easily changed, gives some tricks and ideas about how to achieve it, and the basics of designing prevasive application architectures.

Here's the link: "Wireless application development for a changing world"

May 19, 2005

An interesting article on Writing comments

Mike Clark has written an interesting article at Sticky Minds titled "Write Sweet-Smelling Comments", that raises a topic that I've always liked to discuss about.

I don't like to see many comments in my code, because I tend to find them disturbing. I prefer to use good naming schemes for properties and methods, to write code that speaks by itself more than writing a lot of comments.

I don't remember where I heard it first, maybe it was a manager in a previous job, but I believe that if your code needs to be commented, you should refactor it.

Of course, if you want to generate a javadoc-style documentation from your code, that's different, but, anyway, that's something I've never done.

Here's the link to the article again ( found via The Server Side )