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OT: How is the job market in Germany?

I'm seriously thinking about moving to Germany ( first, for personal reasons, second, because it's a country I really like ), but I don't know were to start looking for a job.

So, please, if you can give me some advice about how can I approach the job search, or you know someone that I could send my CV to, or if you even want to take a look at my CV, please drop me a line at blog@design-nation.net, or leave a comment here.

Thanks in advance.


i´m living in berlin(germany) and the job market is in general not that good. especially for designers.
but germany is big so it depends to where you are going. i´ve heard that for example munich is a good place to find a job…
there are several ressources you can go to:
www.flashforum.de (this site is about flash and i think they offer a english translation of their site and they do have offers for freelance flashers and an exelent link list)…
good luck…

Thanks, Sebastian for the tip.

In fact, I'm looking for something in Bayern, or Frankfurt.

Anyway, I'll take a look at flashforum.de


hi cesar, could you send me your curriculum vitae and maybe some urls or worksamples? when are you planning to relocate?

Hi, Claus, thanks for the interest.

I'd like to relocate as soon as possible.