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Cool flash application ( pocketpc )

Mobilympics is a cool pocketpc application that will help you keep track of seven sports during the Olympic Games, developed by pc de bolso.

If you own a pocketpc, I think it's worth a try, but bear in mind that the program is provided as 'Ad-ware' meaning that you will find some information about the developer's sponsors ( mostly HP ) when entering and leaving Mobilympics.


Thanks for the link, Cesar... I don't have a PocketPC myself, but I've passed word to people in the mobile group here, I think they'll like this.


Thanks Cesar for this note.

Since yesterday those who don't own a PocketPC can also use Mobilympics.
We have published it so users with a regular browser can try it.
You may find it at:

Note that you'll have to 'sync' it in order to get results. The online version is exactly identical to the one for the PocketPCs, so results aren't retrieved automatically when you access Mobilympics but rather when you decide to.