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[FlashLite] Dice

Abdul Qabiz has posted about a J2ME application I made some weeks ago, and he says that the same thing could have been done with a few lines of code in Macromedia Flash Lite.

And he's right!

Here you can download a zip containing the source files.

And here's an screenshot of the application:


The code is really simple. Look:

/:diceValue=Int (Random (6)) + 1 //trace( diceValue ); tellTarget( "/diceView" ) { gotoAndPlay( "Dice" add /:diceValue ); }

diceView is a movieclip that is on the stage, and that instead of just one frame, contains all the animations needed to show all the sides of the dice

I must confess that I had almost forgotten the old "tellTarget days". But, in fact, the development time was about a tenth of the time needed to develop the j2me example

By the way, I've been thinking for some time about focusing this blog a bit more on mobile devices. Thanks, Abdul, for giving me the final push! ;)


Thanks for putting up these two (flashlite + j2me) examples. Believe, they are simple but sufficient enough to say FlashLite rocks! Give it some more time :)

As you know, there are many designers/content-authors who don't know java or OOP. But they can easily make content in Flash and publish to different profiles, like desktop or mobile.

That makes a big difference.

Anyways! I will be keep pushing you, so keep on doing such good things :)

Are you participating in FlashLite contest? I can't participate as I am not eligible :(


Thanks again for your comments, Abdul.

I'm not participating in the contest. I've been thinking hard about it, but I have not been able to find a good idea for an application. :(